Terms of Service

I. About Us

The Allotsys Consulting Llc and Tipptour.com brands are part of Allotsys Consulting Llc. (hereinafter "Allotsys Consulting Llc", "Tipptour.com", "we"). For more information on Allotsys Consulting Llc please visit our Imprint below.

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This website is operated by Allotsys Consulting Llc Corp.

registered in Miskolc, Hungary, under Registration No. 05-09-017638

General Manager: Balazs Toth

Head Office

Allotsys Consulting Llc

Aba Street 3

3531 Miskolc


Tipptour.com Travel Agency Location

Fő Square 20.

2800 Tatabánya


Mobile: +36 30 7480436

Landline: +36 34 310 900

To expedite the resolution of any disputes arising from online purchases made through our platform, we hereby direct your attention to the EU Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR Platform). This platform serves as a forum for the submission of complaints and inquiries, and may be accessed at the following web address: https://www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

Allotsys Consulting LLC, operating under the banners of Allotsys Consulting LLC and Tipptour.com, operates various internet-based platforms and mobile applications in multiple languages. Our services entail the identification, comparison, and facilitation of transport services, but we do not offer package holidays. Allotsys Consulting LLC is an autonomous entity, and does not provide any transportation services of its own, nor does it operate any tours. Additionally, we do not possess ownership over any third-party providers (including carriers and other service providers), nor are we under the economic control of such third-party providers.

II. Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use ("T&Cs"), in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, dictate the use of Allotsys Consulting LLC's services, websites, and mobile applications, and establish the foundation for the usage agreement between Allotsys Consulting LLC and the user. In the event of individual agreements between the user and Allotsys Consulting LLC, such as those resulting from a booking, these agreements will supersede these T&Cs. Any general business terms and conditions held by the user that deviate from or oppose these T&Cs are not applicable.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you are a user who has purchased a ticket from Tipptour.com, Allotsys Consulting LLC shall serve as the contractual party responsible for your booking. For the purpose of such bookings, "Allotsys Consulting LLC" and "we" shall refer to the legal entity of Tipptour.com, as appropriate.

These T&Cs are applicable solely to Allotsys Consulting LLC's services, which include the identification of travel connections and the facilitation of services offered by third-party providers (including carriers and other service providers). Furthermore, the terms and conditions of each third-party provider shall apply to any tickets or services offered by such providers (e.g., transport), and are separate from these T&Cs. Allotsys Consulting LLC has no control over the terms and conditions provided by third-party providers.

III. Services offered by Allotsys Consulting Llc

Allotsys Consulting LLC's services are designed to simplify the process of trip planning by furnishing users with necessary information and presenting a clear comparison of travel options.

The travel services themselves (e.g., transport from A to B) are not included in Allotsys Consulting LLC's services, but rather constitute a distinct agreement between you and the respective third party. Allotsys Consulting LLC functions as an intermediary or broker between the user and each third party. As such, we are not accountable for the travel service provided by the third party, nor for the manner in which this travel service is delivered.

Allotsys Consulting LLC's services encompass the following:

1. A search engine and comparison platform for travel services

In accordance with your search criteria, we furnish you with a comprehensive summary of various travel options utilizing different modes of transport (e.g., air travel). Since we rely on data provided by third-party sources, booking platforms, and information platforms, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the outcomes. You may compare travel options by factors such as price, travel duration, and other features.

2. Direct booking on our website

We market tickets for third-party providers and connections as a commercial agent of the third-party provider, in their name and on their behalf, through our website. In such cases, we provide secure online booking options directly on our website, and you will not be directed to the booking page of the corresponding third-party provider.

When you make a connection reservation through our website, we gather the requisite data (e.g., traveler's name, email address, payment information) in accordance with our Privacy Policy. As a commercial agent of the travel service provider, we then present the reservation to the pertinent travel service provider. The tickets are sold on behalf of and at the expense of the corresponding third-party provider.

Upon clicking the "Pay Now" button on our booking page, you are submitting a binding offer to enter into a contract for the respective transport or travel service. The contract will be concluded upon receipt of a booking confirmation from Allotsys Consulting LLC, which constitutes a declaration of acceptance. A booking confirmation, along with travel documents and an invoice, will be sent to you by email. The travel documents typically consist of printable tickets issued by the relevant service provider and are sent in common electronic formats, such as PDF or mobile tickets with QR codes. For certain connections, you may receive a booking code or ticket voucher instead of printable tickets, which must be redeemed or exchanged for a ticket at the airport before departure, either at a ticket office or a ticket vending machine.

Upon receipt of the travel documents, it is the user's responsibility to promptly review and verify the accuracy of the information contained therein. Any inaccuracies or errors must be promptly reported to Allotsys Consulting Llc through our Help Centre to enable us to make timely corrections.

Allotsys Consulting Llc reserves the right to charge a service fee for the services rendered to the user under these Terms and Conditions of Use, as agreed to at the time of booking. In addition, the user may be subject to additional fees charged by the third-party providers of the travel services.

As a general rule, the user does not have a right of withdrawal, as these are contracts for the provision of tourism services that specify a specific date or period for performance.

Payment for direct bookings of transport and travel services on our website must be made using the provided payment method. We use Stripe and/ or Revolut Merchant Services to collect payments. "Allotsys Consulting Llc" and "we" refer to Tipptour.com Services for the purpose of bookings. Upon successful payment to Allotsys Consulting Llc, you have fulfilled your payment obligations to the travel service provider and are considered discharged.

When making a payment for a booking using a credit card, you explicitly consent to our payment service provider collecting the fee for the relevant travel service, including the specified booking fee, from the credit card. If you wish to cancel the transport and withdraw from the contract, any applicable terms and conditions and costs for cancellation will be based on the conditions specified by the relevant third-party provider. We will manage your cancellation request and forward it to the relevant carrier. You can contact us via telephone or email to request a cancellation. In some cases, it may be possible to cancel directly with the carrier if the ticket's terms and conditions permit this. We do not accept any responsibility for the availability of the trip at the time of booking or for the fulfillment of the booked trip by a third-party provider.

3. Our Services

A contractual relationship will be established between the customer and ourselves when we provide our services for a fee.

4. Registration

You may establish a personal account on Tipptour.com, which can be accessed by providing your email and selected password. Your personal information and booking details will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Only natural persons who are of legal age and have full legal capacity may register. The user is required to provide complete and accurate information and to update such information as necessary. Registration is non-transferable.

Once registered, your account will remain active indefinitely. Both you and Allotsys Consulting Llc have the right to terminate the account at any time upon providing two days' notice. The right to terminate without notice for good cause remains unaffected.

5. Payments & Fees

Upon booking, a breakdown of all costs and fees, including those charged by the Provider, will be presented to You. You are obligated to pay all such fees and costs, as well as any additional fees or costs that may be charged by Your credit card or payment service provider. Payment must be made through the acceptable payment system specified on the reservation booking page of the Service Sites.

6.1. Service Fees

When making a booking on our website, you will be charged a service fee for the services we provide to you under these Terms and Conditions of Use. The amount of the service fee will vary and will be displayed at the time of booking. If you use a foreign currency, you may also be charged foreign transaction fees.

Please be aware that our service fees are non-refundable. This is because our fees are charged for the intermediary services provided by Tipptour.com, which are considered fulfilled once the booking has been confirmed to you.

6.2. Card Processing Fees

We will impose additional fees on you if you use certain payment methods, as required by applicable law. For example, if you use a corporate card or a tripartite system such as American Express or Diners. These fees are non-refundable. Please note that our systems automatically detect the payment method you use and apply any corresponding additional fees.

6.3. Service Fees for changes or cancellations

Depending on the third-party provider and fare type, you may have the option to either cancel your ticket and receive a refund or change your ticket through online means, the Help Center, or directly with the third-party provider. While we generally inform you of the main conditions during the booking process, it is important to carefully review and understand the third-party terms and conditions before finalizing your booking.

If you choose to change or cancel your flight ticket through our Help Center, Tipptour.com may charge you a fee for the services performed by our Customer Service team. You may also be responsible for paying any difference in cost for your new ticket and any applicable fees imposed by the third-party provider. Please note that our service fees do not include any amounts charged by the third-party providers, as determined by their respective terms and conditions. Our service fees are non-refundable.

Modifications or cancellations made via our Help Center can only be guaranteed if your request is submitted at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your air ticket. However, this guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant third-party provider, which may impose more stringent restrictions.

We shall not alter, cancel, substitute or reimburse illegitimate tickets.

Tipptour.com Service Fees for changes or cancellations:

Transport Mode Domestic or cross-border Fee incl. applicable sales tax / VAT (HUF*) Per booking / per ticket / per passenger

Flight Domestic 4000 HUF Per passenger / per Processed Request

Flight Cross-border 5200 HUF Per passenger / per Processed Request

* If the currency of your original booking is different from HUF, please be aware that an equivalent amount will be calculated based on the system-wide rate, commonly known as the base exchange rate. This rate is utilized to convert currencies through information provided by one or more third-party sources. The base exchange rate is regularly updated, but it may not correspond to the real-time market rate. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a trip is classified as "Domestic" when the city of departure and destination are both located within the same country. Conversely, a trip is classified as "Cross-border" when the city of departure and destination are located in different countries.

Change refers to a request initiated by the customer to modify their booking, including but not limited to changes in the travel date, itinerary, passenger name, and purchase of additional services or upgrades. Please note that any changes are subject to the terms and conditions of the provider. Cancellation refers to the voluntary request by the customer to cancel their ticket(s). A Processed Request means that once the customer contacts our Customer Help Centre to change or cancel their booking, our agents will process the corresponding change and/or cancellation. It is important to note that if the customer wishes to cancel or change two bookings, this will result in two separate requests.

7. Limitations

The website and its functions are provided to users without guarantee of specific features or entitlement. We reserve the right to make changes to the content or functionality at any time, including through patches, updates, or modifications. We do not guarantee permanent availability of the website, and technical problems beyond our control may result in downtime. Website maintenance may also impact availability and will be performed with reasonable care to avoid disruption. All proprietary and other rights pertaining to this website are owned by Allotsys Consulting Llc.

9. Duties and Obligations of the User, Advice

As the user of our travel services, you are solely responsible for complying with all formalities related to your travel, including but not limited to, passport and visa requirements, entry requirements, customs and currency regulations, vaccination requirements, and any other health ordinances. It is your responsibility to carefully review and follow any instructions and advice provided by tour operators that are forwarded by Allotsys Consulting LLC to ensure a seamless travel experience.

IV. Limited Liability of Allotsys Consulting Llc, Third Party Providers

We make every effort to ensure that the information displayed on our website is accurate. However, we rely on the information provided to us by third-party providers when describing travel services and connections, and we cannot fully verify the accuracy or currency of this information. Our reviews are conducted on an ad-hoc basis, and we urge you to review the travel details yourself. We do not make any representations or warranties, nor can we offer any guarantees to our users regarding the accuracy, completeness, or currency of the travel information or any other information presented on our website that has been made available to us by third-party providers.

We do not have any involvement in the presentation or depiction of travel services on third-party provider websites. Therefore, we are not liable for the content of third-party offers or any contracts entered into with third-party providers.

When we act as an intermediary for third-party offers, we do not assume any responsibility for the availability of services or travel connections at the time of booking (on third-party provider websites), or for the actual delivery and satisfactory performance of services booked with third-party providers. Neither we nor our affiliates make any representations or warranties with respect to the information, products, services, or software provided on or contained within our website, especially regarding the suitability for a specific purpose, unless this has been expressly and individually agreed with our users. Any warranty claims or claims for damages are to be brought directly against the relevant third-party provider.

We are not responsible for any network disturbance or interference that we did not cause. We aim to ensure the proper and uninterrupted technical operation of our service. However, we cannot be held responsible or liable for the continuous and timely accessibility or availability of our service. This includes technical delays and failures, and any damages that may result from them.

Our website features links to other sites that we do not operate or control, and for which we are not responsible. We do not endorse the content of these websites, nor can we be held responsible for the legality or functionality of such content, and we are not liable for any loss or damage that may result from using such sites. We recommend that you carefully review the Terms of Use for each of these websites.

Our own liability in accordance with Section V. below remains unaffected.

V. Limitation of Liability

Our liability and the liability of our employees, legal representatives, or agents shall be limited to cases of intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence. In the event of a breach of significant contractual obligations caused by minor or ordinary negligence, we shall only be liable for damages that are typical and foreseeable.

VI. Data Protection

Our Privacy Policy governs the processing of your personal data when using our services. Your use of our website and/or mobile apps constitutes your consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

VII. Changes to our Terms and Conditions of Use

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time as our services evolve and expand. Existing users will be subject to the terms and conditions that were valid at the time of their last booking, unless they have received prior notice of any amendments.

VIII. Contact Information / Notifications

If you have any complaints or believe that any content on our website violates the rights of third parties, please contact us at the following address:

Allotsys Consulting LLC Tipptour.com Travel Agency Location Fő square 20. 2890 Tatabánya Hungary

For more information about Allotsys Consulting LLC, please refer to our Imprint section on our website.

We value your input in enhancing our service. We encourage you to provide your comments, suggestions, or feedback, both positive and negative, by leaving a rating or contacting our Help Center. By submitting your feedback, you acknowledge and consent that we may use and share it anonymously and free of charge for our commercial purposes. Such use and sharing will be carried out in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

IX. Dispute Resolution (online)

The European Commission has established an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform that is accessible through the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. This platform enables the submission of complaints or requests online.

X. Miscellaneous

The contractual relationship between the user and Allotsys Consulting Llc shall be governed by the laws of Hungary unless another jurisdiction applies under the law. Claims arising from consumer protection standards may be brought by the user under Hungarian law or the law of the EU member state in which the user is resident. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods dated 11 April 1980 shall not apply. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes arising out of or in connection with the contractual relationship between the user and Allotsys Consulting Llc shall be Hungary, provided that the user is a merchant or a legal person under public law. Allotsys Consulting Llc is headquartered in Miskolc, Hungary, and Miskolc shall also serve as the place of jurisdiction if the user has no general place of jurisdiction within Hungary. Any additional mandatory places of jurisdiction for users classified as consumers, at their respective home or place of residence, shall remain unaffected. Date: September 2022 Allotsys Consulting Llc Aba Street 3 3531 Miskolc Hungary Tipptour.com Travel Agency Location Fő square 20. 2890 Tatabánya Hungary Mobile: +36 30 7480436 Landline: +36 34 310 900